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The road to Dubai

August 2, 2013

Roads, the roads of life, roads to the next town, roads to the beach, mountains, most roads are not straight, not perfectly surfaced, but get you to where you want to go.  Traveling on the roads can be pleasant, with lovely views, or can be past things you would rather not see.

Last December was the first indication that our road and view might be changing.  Opportunities for my husbands work in the Middle East, specifically Dubai came up.  We have for a few years now felt the urge to do something different, but, we really did not have a clue what or where.  It is a long story, and I won’t go into all the details, but the long and short of it is Dubai is where we are headed in January.

The road got a bit bumpy as of June 1st.  We listed the house on Friday, in the morning, a showing at 5:30pm yielded a full price offer by 8:30 that evening.  We closed on the house on July 31st…Bumpy in that we built that house, lived there for 21 years, raised our kids there, watched them go off to college, come home from college and each of our daughters walked down the steps in their wedding dresses.  MY house held so many memories for our family.  I walked out last Saturday evening and most likely will never see the inside again.  That was a big pot hole.  But, like most pot holes, they get filled in and fixed and pretty soon you don’t remember where it was exactly.

Twenty one years in this house...

Twenty one years in this house…

We are in our new digs, a one bedroom fully furnished, everything included apartment.  This apartment has teal, yes, TEAL leather recliner couches…ugly…but actually comfy.  The kitchen has granite counter tops and stainless appliances, which is all the rage!  I still can’t remember where I have put things, but lucky for me it is a small place!


We are here until sometime the first part of January when we will head off to Dubai to begin a new chapter of life.

Getting to Trigrandmatry and the blog.  Really I have two blogs, one for my business Bumblebee & Sophie and TGT.  It has been hard keeping up both…as many of you know who have one, finding time to post is slim to none sometimes.

I have one Triathlon coming up in two weeks,  I will muddle my way through it.  I have had so little time to train with all the packing and moving, but participate I will.  I have also been having some heel issues and just generally being tired.  All this will hopefully change now that we are moved.

Getting to the point… I am going to discontinue posting here and will be posting only to , I do hope you will come on over and follow me there.  I will try to make it an all about life, which will include my sewing business, Trigrandmatry’s efforts and of course moving to Dubai!!!!

John and me

John and me

Take the next right…over the hill…next stop the desert!


Grandma Cindy



I ran

July 19, 2013

This morning I ran…I would rather do my swimming in the pool!

Drenched as if I had swam in the pool.

Ran 3 miles 41 min.  not bad time since I have not run in a week, and I am so drained by the heat and humidity.

Swam twice this week, my brain was so fogged on Monday morning that I thought my ususal 4 lap sets were actually half what they should be…swam over 3/4 of a mile.  Felt good!  Ha!

Nice 14 mile bike also this week.  Going for a long ride tomorrow morning, EARLY!

Packing is coming along.  Slight snafu with the deck, waiting on permit…that we really did not need, but the buyer wants…oh well.  Not sure when we close now.

Hope you are all well, train on!


Why I Run

July 15, 2013

This is my daughter and Grandkids! Won’t you consider supporting them!

Run Far Girl


A few weeks ago I received an email from Nathan Larson, a memeber of the CHaD (Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth) community relations team. He had found my blog, read Jack’s story and saw that I was the top fundraiser for the CHaD Hero Half Marathon [Thanks to all of YOUR support!]. He asked if I’d be willing to appear in a short promotional video for the CHaD Hero Half Marathon. The spot would be part of a larger series that will feature runners talking about why they run for CHaD, an effort to capture the heart and soul of what inspires over 3,500 people to lace up their shoes on race day.

I didn’t hesitate. Yes! Of course. The more time we spend at CHaD the more passionate I become about making the biggest impact I possibly can. The video seemed an extension of the fundraising I’m…

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July 8, 2013

It has been a long time since my last posting…I think the “let down” after the Vancouver Half Marathon has lasted quite a while.  I suppose I could blame it on age…since the half, I have had no, NO motivation.  I spent all fall and winter training for the Half, and in some ways I think I wore my self out!  Over the last two months I have run a few times, biked a bit, and started swimming a couple of times a week.  Rather half hearted training.  The Timberman Triathlon is in August, just a bit over a month away.  I better get going!

I have shared before that we are moving to Dubai.  The process is moving along.  We put our house on the market via Craig’s List at the end of March, we really had no interest.  I did begin packing and sorting through 21 years of accumulated stuff…  The end of May we decided to list with a realtor, so more packing, staging, and cleaning…perhaps all this is what is sapping my motivation!  The house was listed on a Friday morning, our first showing was 5:30pm that day, by 8 Pm we had a full price offer…whew…how did that happen so fast.  We have two more weeks in our house after we return from vacation…kind of sad, but I am trying not to think about it too much.

Twenty one years in this house...

Twenty one years in this house…

Vacation has been tempered by Dad falling and breaking his hip.  He had surgery and it took him over a week to “wake up” from surgery.  He has been moved numerous time in the hospital and is now in rehab.  Awake, but still confused, needing to eat…if you think of it in your prayers and thoughts please remember him (Bill).

As for training…running I am starting from scratch I have done so little running in the past two months.  Went for a 15 mile ride the other day…swimming…today, open water swim, I think…  I am hoping that once we are done with the house I can turn my attention and time to training, I don’t want to go into this cold!

Sunset on Caroga Lake

Sunset on Caroga Lake

Have a great week,

Grandma Cindy

Time to be a Hero

May 10, 2013

My daughter Sarah and my grandson Jack, won’t you consider supporting Sarah in her efforts to rais money! She is a hero!!

Run Far Girl

Moments after our son Jack was born in September we learned that he had a congenital birth defect, a giant melanocytic nevus. At the time we didn’t really comprehend the path that lay ahead of us…ahead of him. We just held on to the fact that in every other way he was normal despite the large brownish/black mark covering 80% of his back. We met with a dermatologist five days after his birth. The information was overwhelming, foreign words to describe completely foreign concepts: melanocytes, cancer-risk, melanoma, neurocutaneous melanocytosis (NCM), MRI to rule out neurological involvement, surgery, tissue expansion, excision (You can read the full story HERE). I left the dermatologist’s office in tears. Shortly after our visit to the dermatologist we were referred to a pediatric plastic surgeon, Dr. Mitchell Stotland at Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock in Lebanon, NH. He reassured us and gave us a more…

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Vacation and a Half Marathon

May 9, 2013

Well we arrived home on Tuesday night, picked up my granddaughter Sophia from her Auntie Rachel’s house.  Jack had surgery yesterday and I am happy to report he is doing great!!

photo 3

Smiling Jack

Our vacation was to the Northwest, my youngest daughter and her husband now live in Tacoma, Washington.  We had an awesome time touring Seattle, went to the top of Columbia Tower and the views…amazing.  We had some fantastic Cuban food at a little walk up place in a part of Seattle.   Went to the Public Market, got some fish to make fish tacos!  Yum!


Early morning run at Chambers Bay, very hilly!!!!


View from the Columbia tower, Seattle


Paseo, Seattle, the best Cuban food ever!


Busy public market


I did not know fish had cheeks…


Fish tacos at Andy and Alissa’s

Did I mention the weather?  It was sunny, no clouds in the sky the whole time we were there!!!!  We spent the day at Mt. Rainer.  For those who have never been to Tacoma, just about everywhere you drive you catch glimpses of the mountain, every time it comes into view it takes your breath away, it is HUGE!


“The woods are lovely, dark and deep”…R. Frost


The trees are huge, much bigger than in the East!!


A short hike


Mt. Rainer


I love mountains!


Gorgeous day


More snow than I have ever seen


Paradise Valley gets over 600 inches of snow a year, and these buildings are often covered to the dormers in snow…


Dinner at Gig Harbor, Washington

Friday we went to Vancouver, BC, had a super time visiting friends, touring the city and then there was the half marathon!


Here we come


Alissa and me


The view of the city and mountains, from Queen Elizabeth Park



Most of the weekend I was trying to overcome fears that I would not finish, or that I would hurt myself…I have had issues with my feet so the fears were not totally unfounded.  But, I am happy to report that I finished!!!

I hoped to run it in around 3 hours.  My official clock time was 3:04, which did not take into account the potty stop…my Garmin said 2:55.  So I am happy!!  The race was beautiful!  The first 2 + miles were downhill, with the city and mountains beyond in full view!  Ran through China Town and then out to the seawall, with the bay in view, then through the park, and back to the seawall!  I don’t think I have ever run a more beautiful course.  If you are up for a destination marathon or half, I highly recommend Vancouver!!!


Plodding to the finish



Resting up and taking a few days off.  It is funny how I was so looking forward to not running, yet, after 4 days I am itching to get out again.  Don’t think I will run long distances again, perhaps a 10K or two…now need to set my plan in order for the Timberman Sprint in August.

Have a great day!

Grandma Cindy

Leaving on a Jet Plane

April 30, 2013

Well we are off to Seattle/Tacoma today!!!!  Visiting my daughter and her husband for the week.  Our weekend will be spent in Vancouver, BC.

It is here….the half marathon, at this point this will be my last long distance race….ever….  I may still do a 10K or two, and then sprint triathlons, and 5K’s.

Looking like the weather is going to be fantastic…I am thinking of carrying my little camera to document the race and how very beautiful Vancouver is!!!



Have a great week!!!

Grandma Cindy