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Resting today

March 13, 2012

I am resting today…Sunday my husband and I went for an 18 mile bike ride! It was gorgeous for an early March day! Then yesterday, I ran two miles in the morning… I had a few walk breaks, legs tired from the ride. Also Monday afternoon is a regular lifting day for me.

I lift with some other ladies at Vinny’s Gym, a small garage gym run by my friend Vince. It was upper body day and we did bench presses, oh after body weight squats as a warm up. We did:


1 warm up set with bar(45 lbs), 10 reps, then 8 reps 55lb and 60lb, and then 15 reps(65lbs)


a circuit: 7 thrusters(10lb), 7 reverse lunges with 10 lbs, and 7 “kettlebell” swings with 50lbs, 5 times…


The foam roller and I had a session!! Needless to say this Grandma is tired!


my bike shoes!!


Have a great day!










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