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It Got Cold…again

March 27, 2012

Monday morning at 5:30 AM it was 36 degrees, the way I dressed you would have thought it was 0 degrees…I was peeling off the hat and gloves and unzipping the jacket on my run home!!  I guess the stretch of nice warm weather spoiled me and I was afraid of being cold.  Now this morning I would have been cold,(it was 22 degrees and windy),  but I went to the gym instead.

Here is the rundown of the last two days…Sunday is a day of rest!


20 min on the spin bike at the gym, run home 2 miles (22:03)

Lifting: squats 60 lbs (10 reps); 80 lbs (3 sets of 5); stiff leg deadlifts with 25 lb dumbbells (3 sets of 8)…1 min intervals doing as many reps as possible, with 1 min rest in between, ring rows, push-ups, kettlebell swings, and body weight squats, two rounds…die…


Gym 2 miles on the Eliptical, 25 min…legs really, really tired!!!!

Lots of stretching.

Looking forward to the warm weather again…

One month ago...

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  1. March 28, 2012 2:37 pm

    Brrrr… It’s finally warmed up in Hangzhou… I’m hoping it stays that way 🙂

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