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Heat Wave

June 21, 2012

Taking a rest day, currently it is 95 degrees…this morning by 7 AM it was 80 and humid…I chose not to run this morning, will give it a shot tomorrow morning.  I am basking in my room with the AC on…lifting later, will sweat buckets I am sure..

Last Saturday after our bike ride, my husband mowed the lawn, we have a large yard and do not have a riding mower.  He is such a trooper!!  After showers we went out to dinner.  Lots of choices in our town, we chose Castaways located on the Cochecco River.  It is kind of a dive, but they have outside seating and the best fried seafood (once a summer), I got haddock and fries and salad.  YUM!!  We wanted to sit outside, although it was 56 degrees, but we braved the chill because it was so beautiful!

Glorious evening

Post bike libation

Sunday was a rest day

Monday:  swim 800 yards, then ran home 2.67 miles.  I ran my first negative split!!!  Mile one, 13 min;  Mile two, 12:16!!!  The last mile contains a big hill~~ made it up half before walking.

Lifting: Vinny’s Gym; 3 rounds of 5 – 25# goblet squats; 50yd farmers walk #30 each hand; 50 yd sled drag 60#; 10 push ups; one arm rows, 25# each arm 10 reps.

Tuesday:  Bike ride 21 miles, 1 hour and 29 min.

Wednesday: 1200 yards, Dover Pool

Today is lifting and then we are headed out of town for a family reunion!  I get to hold my new Grandson for the first time!

Caleb Jonathan

Friday: Will run in the  morning before leaving.

Saturday: Swimming in the lake,  taking my wetsuit need to get used to it.

Then one more week of training before taper week…YIKES!!!  I feel like I am not training enough, compared to last year I am doing less days but more at each outing.  Not sure if that accounts for anything, will see race day…

Have a great weekend!!  Stay COOL!

Grandma aka Cindy

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  1. June 21, 2012 7:52 pm

    What day is the race? Saturday (next week)? You are ready! Trust your training. . .

  2. June 21, 2012 8:32 pm

    The view from the restaurant is stunning! I would have braved the cold, too!

    Caleb is adorable. Saying goodbye to the grans yesterday was tough… Miss them already!

  3. June 22, 2012 1:50 am

    Good idea staying out of the heat. My wife tells me I am crazy for trying to run in it—especially after out 100 degree hour run last year. I suppose I am a bit nuts. Nothing a cold beer can’t cure though.

  4. June 22, 2012 12:08 pm

    Well done! Hot here too. What a tremendous blessing to get your grand baby “FIRST” on 😉 I marvel at your swimming…had to scratch two swims this week b/c of schedule stuff, needed to pick up a family friends kid…summer schedule much different than school year. Nice lunch view. You will do amazing in your race…train hard/expect success!!

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