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August 20, 2012

I was going to give a rundown with the pictures that Sarah took. But, she beat me to it. I want all of you to know that Sarah, back in 2003 talked me into my first 5K race and ran with me the day before her first marathon!! SHE is the inspiration that got me started…then John. Love you Sarah!!!

Run Far Girl

This weekend my Mom and Dad competed in their third triathlon, the Timberman Sprint in Gilford, NH.


Last year was my Dad’s first experience with the event and this year, he and my Mom returned to race together. We arrived just as the National Anthem was playing out over the crowded beach, you could feel the energy and excitement of all the athletes: it is one of the things I love about spectating a race! We were able to snag good luck hugs before my parents made their way towards the start with their waves. 

The Timberman is a great race and is very well organized, the spectating area makes it easy to see the athletes bike in and out and run in and out. It’s all right there. So we stood there with our cowbells waiting to cheer them on.

Some empty nesters, sit back and start doing…

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