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Plodding On

April 11, 2013

Plodding on…only a few weeks more to the Vancouver Half Marathon.  I certainly will be glad when this race is done!!!  The air went out of my motivation to train after the cancelation of the Half at the Hamptons!!  But, I plod on as best I can.  I do feel tired and will be glad to have a change of pace.

I look forward to training for the Timberman Sprint Triathlon.  I am only signed up for this one at the moment, with getting ready to move to Dubai I think it will be all I can handle this summer.

Spring seems to be coming in fits and starts, we had lovely weather last week and then the cold came back on Saturday, just in time for my long run…  But this week the temps are back up and the wind has subsided!

Last Saturday my long run:  I ran from Dover to Durham, 8.5 miles.  Two of my daughters were running a 5K in Durham and I wanted to watch, and I wanted to get my run in before noon, so it worked out well.  It was a beautiful sunny morning, but cold and very windy, the kind of wind that might blow you over…  Overall I was pleased with my run my average pace was 13:12, not bad for the distance!  I had a good breakfast of Ezekiel bread raisin toast with peanut butter and banana about 45 min before I left.  I took two Clif mocha gel shots.  I felt tired the beginning of the run, it seems to take me so long to warm up.  Did not take the first shot until about mile 5, might have worked better to take it sooner, maybe every 4 miles.  Here are my mile splits:

View Splits
Avg Pace
Summary 1:52:13.4 8.50 13:12
1 13:17.3 1.00 13:17
2 13:08.7 1.00 13:09
3 12:42.7 1.00 12:43
4 13:49.6 1.00 13:50
5 12:40.1 1.00 12:40
6 14:10.4 1.00 14:10
7 13:02.3 1.00 13:02
8 13:04.5 1.00 13:04
9 6:17.9 0.50 12:34

Monday was a lift day, worked hard…typical warm up then: snatch grip dead lift 3 x 3 at 65#; speed bench 3×8 at 50#; goblet squats 3 x 10 at 15#, 25#, 30#; dumbbell row 3 x 10 at 25#.  Plank: front and both sides, 2 x 35 sec.

Tuesday a run day, did 3.73 miles, gave intervals a try.  Set my Garmin for .5 mile intervals with 1 min rest between.  Unfortunately my legs were gassed from the lifting yesterday and ended up walking the last few.  The first few intervals were in the 11:30 range.  Would like to be faster…perhaps when I am not trying to run so many miles and not the day after a lift session!

Wednesday I usually plan to cross train, but my car needed to go in for inspection and a noise, which turned out to be a wheel bearing…the garage is 3 miles from my house so my husband and I took it over at 6 am and ran home.  It was nice to run with my husband, we have not run together in a long time.  Run was 3.11 miles, 40:38, walked the BIG hill, legs still tired.

Today is lifting and Friday is total rest, then 6-7 miles on Saturday.  Will do my 10 mile run either Thursday next week or the following Monday.  We are going to Pennsylvania for the weekend to see my father-in-law.  Then off to Seattle on April 30 and the Half is May 5th!!

Been a bit discouraged, feeling old…but still out there!!

A few pictures from the modern part of  Dubai:


Modern beach hotel, one of many!


Atlantis Hotel at the tip of Palm Jumeriah, oh and John and I


The Burg al Arab hotel, rooms start at $2000 a night.

The Burg al Arab hotel, rooms start at $2000 a night.



The Marina district mostly residence towers! Not sure about the twisted one, looks a bit scary.


The Burg Kalifa, glinting in the setting sun.


Just one of the many beach front houses…yes one house!


Kite surfing in the setting sun. Lovely evening!


Setting sun at the Dubai Mall, waiting for the fountain show, taken by my husband after I left…

Have a fantastic weekend!

Grandma Cindy

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  1. April 28, 2013 12:15 am

    I love the kite surfing picture. You are inspiring me to cross train. You go girl!

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